The Focus on Children is Near and Dear

Founded In 2003 London’s Bridge Foundation was established by NFL Player London Fletcher to build standards of education, leadership, teamwork, health and fitness in today’s youth.

London’s Bridge Foundation is building bridges to our future by addressing the inequalities facing underprivileged and underrepresented children. Through mentoring and charitable giving programs we teach boys and girls essential life skills, education objectives and community responsibility.

In recognition for his leadership in serving others through London’s Bridge Foundation and the community the NFL Player association has nominated London two times for the PULSE Award (Performance Union Leadership Service Excellence), an award that honors players for excellence on and off the field. Also, in 2011 London Fletcher won the Washington Redskins Inaugual Community Service Award, and four times Man of the Year. In 2010 he was selected as a finalist for Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

London Fletcher is a devoted family man, a consummate professional; he is a proven leader both on and off the field.